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Prolong Membership

If you are a BARA member for 2022 and you wish to prolong your membership for 2023, all you need to do is pay your membership fee and the BARA secretary will do the rest.

This year, the BARA is offering a free BARA membership to all Belgian 1st and 2nd year trainees and a free BARA & ESRA membership to all Belgian 3rd to 5th year trainees. For more information, please contact the BARA secretary at secretariat@bara2001.be.

Membership Fees 2023
BARA Membership Specialists 100€
Specialists - 3 year combo 270€
ESRA Membership Full Member (RAPM journal paper + online) 130€
Full Member (RAPM journal online only) 100€
Trainees (RAPM journal online only) 30€
Full Member (RAPM paper + online) - 3 year combo 350€
Full Member (RAPM online only) - 3 year combo 270€
BARA + ESRA Membership Combo
(5€ discount on BARA fee)
Specialists (RAPM journal paper + online) 225€
Specialists (RAPM journal online only) 195€
Specialists (RAPM paper + online) - 3 year combo 605€
Specialists (RAPM online only) - 3 year combo 525€


BARA vzw
UZ Leuven - Departement Anesthesie
Herestraat 49
3000 Leuven

IBAN: BE15 0013 5783 8130
Reference: Membership BARA (+ ESRA) 2023 + your name