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Register New Member

Register as a BARA member

By registering yourself as a BARA member, you will get access to all sorts of functionalities such as presentations and podcasts on this site.

In order to register yourself, you will need to provide both personal and professional information, and you must take into account that your online profile will only become active when we have received your membership fee.

The annual membership fee (60 € for specialists and 25 € for trainees) needs to be paid by bank transfer onto the account of BARA vzw:
IBAN BE15 0013 5783 8130.
If you like you can at the same time pay for your ESRA membership. We offer you a 5€ discount for a combo membership BARA & ESRA:
175 € for specialists and 55 € for trainees.

ESRA fee for 2018: 120 € for specialists and 35 € for trainees (check their benefits).