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Albert Van Steenberge lectures

Each year an invited speaker who has significantly contributed to Regional Anesthesia in its broadest sense is invited to lecture at our Annual Meeting and receive the honour of the commemorative Albert Van Steenberge lecture in recognition of his important contributions to the world of regional anesthesia.

2004: Prof. Gary Strichartz
2005: Prof. Felicity Reynolds
2006: Dr. Louis-Jean Dupré
2007: Dr. François Singelyn
2008: Dr. Gordon Lyons
2009: Dr. Mathieu Gielen
2010: Dr. Barry Nicholls
2011: Prof. Jose Carvalho
2012: Prof. Narinder Rawal
2013: Prof. Marcel Vercauteren
2014: Prof. Gerbrand Groen
2015: Prof. Anthony Dickenson
2016: Prof. Markus Hollmann
2017: Dr. Alain Delbos
2018: Prof. Francis Veyckemans
2019: Prof. Xavier Capdevila